"Sharks Feed off Yankee Tourists on Red Neck Riviera!"

Submitted by hippie on June 27, 2005 - 7:26pm.
SHARKS .... have been performing their usual & annual display of feeding off Yankee tourists on Florida's and Alabama's  "Red-Neck Riviera". This yearly "Swam of Yankees" get our southern sharks all excited, and, well......some past feelings about the North come up, and they just go wild! ....as some Environmentalist guy (had a green shirt on) said on TV today, "The Ocean is a wild environment, not a swimming pool". This almost instantly, after several mental lapses,  made hippie think of what ole Brother Dave Gardner said about shark attacks being reported out in California back in the early 1960's (most of you will need your history books for this one). Bro Dave said it was "all Hollywood balleyhood to sell more swimming pools!". Alabama has 26 miles of beautiful public beaches where you can camp, swim, do whatever you like. They do not provide lifeguards or Sushi bars. Wer'e all big people here. DO Not send your children out to feed our sharks, please. Keep them close to shore. Damn Yankees! Thank you, now go home. hippie@exhippie.com
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