Submitted by hippie on December 1, 2005 - 12:58am.
ExHippie has always been against our actions in IRAQ and the far east. If the U.S. didn’t like Saddam or Osama bin Laden, three special forces operatives could have taken care of these assholes long ago. It’s the war for oil money (see Bush/bin Laden family connections) that gets our goat - but we have always ‘Supported Our Troops’; it’s big money that we despise which is what these actions are all about.

Now President Bush (Cheney & Rove) have come up with a ‘plan’ to draw down OUR troops to supposedly and eventually end the wars (see Bush’s poll ratings).

Our Generals in the field have continuously stated that if they want us to ‘win’ the war, they needed MORE troops. Presently we have about 150,000 folks in Iraq, and Bush wants to draw down to about 130,000! Maybe by the end of NEXT YEAR to 100,000. How many more will die by then - with even less support than they presently have?

Now due to political and personal (Laura Bush – no more scotch or coke for W) pressure (and several of Bush’s closest advisers headed for prison - Scooter Libby, Rove, and maybe VP Cheney), Bush is saying he is going to start bring troops (OUR sons & daughters) home, thus leaving the rest of ‘OUR TROOPS’ in even greater danger.

When we realized we fucked up in Viet Nam (taking over for the French weasels), we hauled ass out fast, announcing that the mission was completed. Remember McNamara, Kissinger, Nixon, etc. If not, look them up, STUPID.

We still believe we should not be endangering our kids lives, but not at the cost of even MORE of our troops – we lose about 3 (three) people a day, not to mention how many are maimed for life! This, of course, does not include the innocent Iraqi men, women and children who die daily just because they are trying to survive.

Enough is enough.

Yes, lets put an end to this bitch, but we owe it to our kids (TROOPS) to not leave them in even greater danger than they are already in just to save the Bush families’ political/oil ass.

O’Reilly (on Fox News) won’t even answer the question of “What would Jesus do if he was around today” – some of us think that “Christ” is around today and would be just as pissed as “Jesus” was when he threw the money changers (big money) out of the temples as a teenager (if you don’t know the difference between ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ please get some help) - Jesus was the man and Christ is the spirit in us all.

Hippie used to sever scotch to these assholes (McNamara, Cheney, Jim Ling (LTV – used to be a major military contractor in the early sixties) at their hunting camp near Brady, Texas. I’ve heard what they said and what their view of the world was/is.


Stop this crap NOW!

We have nothing else to add if you still believe this Bush shit.

Good Luck and Good Night

Stay Strong and Positive
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