Submitted by hippie on November 13, 2005 - 11:40pm.
November 8th Texas State Amendment Election

The recent Texas Constitution Election was easily won by the big money, bankers, Christian Fundamentalists and developers. Did you really expect anything else?

This is the problem with living in Travis County, Texas (Austin), we’ve developed a ‘New York City attitude’ that we are not only “The Live Music Capital Of The World” - which is also bullshit – (we do have a lot of great and various types of music, but we think we are the center of the Known Universe – great bumper sticker – but that’s it!), but we are no longer able to be “INCLUSIVE”, as we have used as a mantra for years.

Anyway, the main point was Constitutional Amendentment #2 – the so-called Gay Marriage Amendment. But, the Gays, queers or what ever you or they prefer to be known as today, deserve what they got. Texas has 294 counties, and only Travis county voted against this Amendment (NO = OK for gay marriage).

As our friend Kinky Friedman, our candidate for Governor in 2006 says, “They deserve the same agony the rest of us have”.

Hippie agrees and voted with ‘em.

‘Any law of this nature is unjust and absurd, but even if you are an opponent of gay marriage, trying to force through an amendment to the state constitution is a horrible way to approach this. Most constitutional amendments GUARANTEE and PROTECT rights, as opposed to removing them. Why set a precedent of allowing constitutional amendments that discriminate and strip us of rights. Besides, there is already an existing law (Defense of Marriage Act) about this!’ (by Chris Price with thanks).

The attempt to convince Texans that this was a “Family Issue” was not only foolish but stupid. Did these folks really expect the farmers in Texas’ Panhandle and the oil workers down along the coast to vote for this bullshit? Folks, if you want Gays to be able to have State sanctioned marriage, say so. Most Texans are pretty open minded, and would probably agree with Kinky, ‘let’um have it!’

The attempt to deceive these good folks, got the ‘Gay Marriage’ folks just what they deserve: a good ass fucking!

Next time try honesty and inclusiveness, it’ll work every time.

Stay Strong and Positive
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