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Travis County, Texas:
U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, trying to show why the judge should step aside, whined that was selling T-shirts showing his jailhouse mug shot:

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A few hours later, DeLay’s lawyer Dick DeGuerin admitted he was wrong about selling T-shirts.

Public Campaign Action Fund, said, "We're not interested in doing a T-shirt that looks like a fan club".

DeGuerin's second T-shirt retail group — Progress for America — is a self-described conservative advocacy group. It’s Web site decries: "liberal politicians working overtime to push their failed policies ..."

(mostly) by Laylan Copelin: Austin American-Statesman

DeLay is wasting more of Your tax dollars to cover-up his illegal & immoral campaign contributions scheme through his personal PAC.

Very simply put (for Republicans):

1.Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (TRMPAC) received money from several large corporations.
2.He gave the money ($) to The Republican National Committee (with a list of seven (7) Texas Republican House Candidates).
3.The RNC gave the money back to the seven candidates.

This is not only illegal but STUPID.

Nuff said:

Stay Strong & Positive

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