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This plant is used to make rope (besides it’s obvious use and medicinal uses) – no wonder Washington’s slaves were always whistling “Dixie” (song origin).

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Willie (Nelson) is smart and high enough to run his tour buses and personal cars on alternative fuels made from farm products (soybeans, corn, hemp, etc), thus helping to save America and our Family Farms.


The oil folks see their profits seeping away in the near future. Therefore, they fill our prisons with pot violators, releasing violent offenders and child abusers to make room. Priests, coaches and teachers are sexually abusing our kids. Yet the so-called ‘Religious Right’ continues their lies and rants.
Rep. Tom DeLay and his pal Jim Ellis, are charged with conspiracy and other charges. Ellis even ‘uses’ his 12 year old daughter to hide his filth (Child Abuse?).

Much of our oil comes from third world countries at the point of a gun i.e. Iraq – where the Bush/bin Laden families’ oil empires merge with tremendous profits for all, except the American and Iraqi people. OUR sons and daughters, who are dying daily for Haliburton’s (VP Cheney’s company) stock value, stand up to support their buddies next to them.

The point of all this, is zealots like Tom Delay, the former House Majority Leader, has been charged with conspiracy and money laundering in an alleged campaign-finance scheme by Travis County Texas (Austin) DA Ronnie Earle. Mr. Earle is respected and trusted by his constituents who have repeatedly reelected this honorable and honest person.

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No wonder DeLay, Bush, Cheney, Rush, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson and the rest of the so-called religious right, fear him and spend millions of your tax money to attempt to get rid of honest folks like Earle. After all he is just doing the job we elected him to do. What a strange idea!

DeLay is now using a ‘Free Enterprise Fund’ website to create derogatory information about Mr. Earle, stating “Bad Ronnie, Bad” as a vicious dog barks at the viewer. “He clearly is aiming at the jury pool”, says Larry Noble, the U.S. government's former chief election enforcement lawyer. The only “Mad Dog” is DeLay himself. Does the name Karl Rove come into play here? Folks, don’t put up with this crap from the real

“Mad Dog”, Tom DeLay:


Following is from The Austin American-Statesman:

“Travis County prosecutors want to know how U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, purchased a 2004 Toyota Sienna minivan, subpoenaing all records surrounding the transaction, as well as telephone records from DeLay, his campaign and his daughter.

Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle subpoenaed records from Toyota Motor Credit Corp., including purchase agreements, credit documents, receipts, copies of checks and any information on a possible trade-in and down payment.

The subpoenas raised questions about whether prosecutors are expanding a three-year investigation into whether DeLay and his political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, illegally laundered corporate money into campaign donations during the 2002 election. DeLay and two of his associates have been indicted on charges of conspiring to violate the state election code and money laundering.

The subpoenas caught DeLay's camp off-guard.

‘The subpoenas are both odd and desperate at the same time,’ said DeLay spokesman Kevin Madden. ‘This is a baseless investigation that is over three years old, and only now Ronnie Earle is issuing subpoenas?’

Earle declined to comment.

DeLay's daughter, Danielle DeLay Ferro, did consulting work for Texans for a Republican Majority, mostly organizing the committee's events.

Austin lawyer Bill White, who represents DeLay, said the Sienna was leased by the DeLay campaign long after the 2002 election. White said DeLay's daughter was his campaign manager for the 2004 cycle.

‘They are hunting far afield now,’ White said.

Earle also is seeking phone records from Sept. 1, 2001, to Dec. 31, 2002, the time period when DeLay's Texas committee was raising and spending $600,000 of corporate money on consultants, fundraisers, pollsters and phone banks.

White said some of the cell phone numbers in the subpoena belong to the 12-year-old daughter of DeLay co-defendant Jim Ellis of Washington and to a campaign phone that was not operational until 2004.

State law prohibits spending corporate money on campaigns but allows political committees to use the money on overhead. DeLay has said campaign finance lawyers approved all the committee's transactions.

Even as prosecutors took the offensive against DeLay, lawyers for his co-defendants were preparing to challenge in court today whether a crucial piece of evidence exists.

John Colyandro of Austin and Ellis, who both were consultants to the political committee, are accused, along with DeLay, of conspiring to launder $190,000 of corporate money into political donations from the Republican National Committee to Texas candidates.

All three deny wrongdoing, saying the transaction was legal, but a lawyer for Ellis demanded in a pre-trial motion that prosecutors produce a list that Ellis is accused of giving the RNC showing how much money to give to seven Texas candidates.

‘It doesn't exist,’ said Joe Turner, who represents Colyandro. ‘I asked the prosecutors for the list, and they say they don't have a copy.’

According to the indictment, Ellis gave the list to RNC officials in Washington and two weeks later RNC gave $190,000 of political donations to the seven candidates.

Although a copy of the list might not have survived from 2002, RNC officials who testified before a Travis County grand jury could have told prosecutors about the list.

However, J.D. Pauerstein, a San Antonio lawyer representing Ellis, said RNC officials would be wrong to attribute the list to Ellis or Colyandro. He suggested that the RNC's field representative in Texas, Kevin Shuvalov, created the list, if it ever existed.

‘Ellis was in Washington focused on congressional races,’ Pauerstein said. ‘He wouldn't have known which (state) candidates in Texas should be supported.’”

By Laylan Copelin, AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN, Friday, October 14, 2005

Do these folks have this little respect for Austinites to run this “Bad Ronnie, Bad” ad on Austin TV in an obvious attempt to influence the jury pool?

Wake up Republicans (and Democrats). You’ve been had again.

Funny how greed always comes back to haunt you!!!!


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