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Sure, Karl Rove is a crook and liar. Tom DeLay is a fascist. Newt Gingrich no longer mentions his 'little book' of right wing wishes.

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Rush is on dope, and the President has returned to abusing his favorite substance.
Fox News - America's right wing news source - is reporting that Bush's approval rating is below his Republican base percentage (more folks disagree with Bush's policies than there are Republicans).
OUR children are still dying in the far East to preserve oil rights for the Bush and bin Laden families' oil empires (NO, don't even try, ExHippie supports OUR TROOPS - It's Bush & Cheney we rant about).
Ten million Americans might soon be affected by the latest epidemic (bird flu) and two million Americans might die
. Our leaders didn't have the balls to prevent price gorging from the Gulf Coast fall-out, and you couldn't even get normal flu shots last year. So what do you expect for your loved ones in a much larger disaster?

Forget all this, We apologize. We allowed ourselves to bury the true problem beneath the 'daily news': AMERICAN RACISM & IGNORANCE - white racism and ignorance - that's the real problem.

Read the second part of our previous report
"ROVE TO TESTIFY IN CIA LEAKS" by racist pigs Judy "Karl" Hess and Ken "Had Enough" Nuff. We supply links directly to them for your comments on their chillingly racist remarks. Don't allow this America. Stand up to this type of diversion from our true problems. It's there (with corrections to spelling, grammar and normal punctuation, so it is somewhat readable). You owe it to yourself and our future to read and respond to it.

America, we're better than this kind of trash. Folks actually believe these kind of people, just as they did (and do) Rush, Newt, Bush, Cheney, Pat Robertson, etc.

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                                              Stay Strong and Positive

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