On the blame game . . .

Submitted by TheDude on September 6, 2005 - 10:35pm.
I don't think there is any question about what needs to be given and done and if there is one thing that Americans (even our oft-maligned corporations) are generally good for is volunteering and pulling out the wallet when it is truly needed.

I know it is hard to hear sometimes, and it can make you feel a little dirty, but I strongly feel that now is the time to ask the hard questions and spread some well deserved blame around.  If not now, when?

Certianly New Orleans will be in the news for months/years to come, but after a few weeks it is not going to be the only story, it will be sharing airtime with Iraq, Supreme Court nominations, missing pretty white girls and shark attacks.  America, for all her greatness, has a notoriously short attention span and all the fools who made these mistakes need to feel the full force of our anger and outrage now.

Your dog bites you, you've got to whack him with the paper right there and then, not days later, or he won't understand.  And thats about the level at which we need to treat our government right now: that of an untrained scrappy pet.

After World War II we said "Never again," and then the Sudan, Ethiopia, the Congo, Cambodia, Uganda... in Bosnia we tried to say it, in Darfur we stood by silently, in Iraq we try.

We need to stand the fuck up and make it known in no uncertian terms that any of our rulers who had any part in this tragedy will not be our rulers for long.  We need to speak to them in their own language by convicting the criminals and sending the rest packing.

We must to send them back to their vacation homes and their country clubs and dig somewhere deeper within ourselves to find a class of rulers that actually has some small measure of competency and compassion for our citizens.

Now is precicely the time to bring the full force of the people of this Republic to bear on those haughty leaders who have failed us so spectacularly.  Never again.
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