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                           Austin Independent School District Superintendent Forgione


is moving the so-called Magnet Schools (special schools within schools each specializing in Math, English, etc., usually placed within the poorest rating schools to attract a 'higher level' of students) from across town to Albert Sidney Johnston High School on Austin's Hispanic East side, so that the present Texas State standards for education rating will rise; no kidding!

In other words, transfer the well educated ‘white kids’ from their neighborhood schools to Johnston (21% limited English skills, 76% economically disadvantaged, only 41% meet standards) to raise the overall testing levels. The only problem is, the ‘well off’ don’t want their kids in such a poor educational setting either anymore. These kids and all of our children deserve better or at least the truth. We are at fault as parents and voters to allow this. Shame on us, Austin!

Johnston High School at a glance - Austin Statesman

9.1% of Johnston students drop out, compared with 6.2% districtwide

21% have limited English skills

41% met standards for the 2004 TAKS on all tests, compared with 73% districtwide

68% graduated on time in 2003, compared with 76% districtwide

74% are economically disadvantaged

The problem lies with the Teachers, Principals and Area Superintendents who are aware of the activities at their schools and “allow” and some participate in various forms of abuse, drugs and other illegal activities in their schools. AISD’s method to cure this is for the Teachers, who are caught involved in illegal activities, to change their names and/or transfer to another (East) Austin school.

My kids survived this terror. I’ve done what I can to stop and prevent these actions against our children. It’s your turn. Look up the records, pay attentions to your children: They’re crying out for help from YOU, their parents.  Contact These Bastards and express your concerns  - if you have any!

The Austin American Statesman was right, “No matter how the district spins it...” the Austin School District is in BIG TROUBLE and getting worse.

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