Submitted by hippie on July 11, 2005 - 7:22pm.
TREASON IN THE WHITE HOUSE? Pres Bush and his side-kick Karl Rove "had a bad day at The White House", reports CBS. Rove, who for nearly two years has been saying that he is not involved in the 'leaking' of the name of a CIA SECRET OPERATIVE, is now not talking. Nor is Pres Press Secretary McClellan, who has been babbling his mouth off in an attempt to divert attention from what is involving into a real problem for 'The Boys'. If you haven't, look into this folks. This is the real deal (NIXON). What it gets down to is TREASON. Rove, still holds his high security clearance, has exposed the idenity of a person who for years has devoted their life in an attempt to protect creeps like this, endangering their life. CNN repotrs all this in a interview from two years ago (on tape), where Rove acts as if he had no idea of what was up! It's normal in Washington to 'leak' political information, but to expose a CIA Operative........from inside THE WHITE HOUSE! Could all this be involved with the "G8' boys, the Bush/ bin Laden Family affairs, etc? As far as Alfred E Newman (look it up if you don't know) running Washington, that comes from Hillary, and is probably accurate! Oil prices droped today and gasoline prices went up! bye, hippie
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