Submitted by hippie on June 29, 2005 - 10:25pm.
USA TODAY reports $1.4 Billion dollars in excessive Haliburton Corporation charges for their contract to: FEED OUR SOLDIERS. Vice-President Cheney's corporation, HALIBURTON, over-charged $1.4 Billion to FEED OUR SOLIDERS as part of their "No Bid" contract to supply "support" for our troops in the East. Notable: - $617,000 for double-billed soft drinks - $1 million in excessive laundry charges - provided and served food [to our soldiers] beyond its expiration date - managers ordered workers to pick bullets and shrapnel out of food shipments that had been damaged by gunfire or bombings and serve it to troops. Check out HALIBURTON'S Home Page - the word "PROUD" flashes in your face appears.... Our Troops - our sons and daughters - deserve better than what our government is giving them. This is disgraceful. Cheney, Bush, and the rest, get rich off American blood flowing faster than OIL! WAR ON TERROR, huh! War for OIL! i'm pissed, hippie
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