Bush Refuses To Tell How Many US Men & Women Have Been Lost in Iraq?

Submitted by hippie on June 29, 2005 - 5:32pm.
Bush Won't Tell How Many US Men & Women Have Been Lost in Iraq? Back in the days of Viet Nam, the US took over for the wesial French, who were into it for its rubber plantations, which were no longer relevant due to the use of synthetic rubber. CNN didn't exist, only the three networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC. The rest of the World knew we snuck into Cambodia, while Nixon and Kissinger told us we would be out of Viet Nam by Christmas. We bombed Hanoi, the North Viet Nam capital, on Christmas Day! The Viet Nam war was the first war to be viewed from American's living rooms, with dead American men seen blown apart. The war was not popular or moral! How come we don't see these pictures from Iraq? What has happened to the American Press? Lots of nice looking girls and boys reading reports they have no idea what they are about. Bush 'n Cheney, and the people really in power, don't want "The People" to see what is really going on - OIL\Bush Family holdings/ bin Laden Family holdings! Good luck America and God Bless Our Troops. hippie
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