KINKY "Missing In Paradise" and Rapid City, South Dakota SAC Base to Close

Submitted by hippie on June 28, 2005 - 9:19pm.
WHAT DOES KINKY KNOW? Recenly, Texas Gobertorial Candidate Kinky Friedman was part of a four person panel on a FOX TV SPECIAL, "Missing in Paradise", concerning the missing young lady in Aruba. Kinky, removed his cigar, and exposed some wise words concerning the present state of our society. As the panel finished, the news flashed to Rapid City, South Dakota - announing the possible closing of Ellsworth Air Force Base, the local SAC (Strategic Air Command), home of half our B-1's, they tell us. Some of you will remember the constant flights of B-52's, loaded with atomic bombs, 24 hours a day, to give us the final srike in the 'Cold War' with the Soviet Union (now gone broke) in the 1950's -that's SAC. All the B-1's will be moved to Texas to sit all in a line (like ducks) for some terroist to...... Laying in the grass on the hillside of Bergstrom Air Force Base outside of Austin, Texas (the Live Music Capital of the World) back in the '60's, smoking a little grass, watching these huge mechanical giants, loaded with radioactive poion, flying just feet over our swirling heads, was only a clue of what was to come. .............recalling running behind the DDT fumagation truck as it sprayed the neighboorhood to prevent Malaria from Mosquitos. Parents cheered as their kid stayed the longest in the haze. No Malaria....... Ok, why Rapid City? One of Kinky's finest compositions is titled 'Rapid City, South Dakota', as are most of it's lyics. It can be found on most of his CD's, LP's, and Cassettes via KINKY'S STUFF. bye, hippie
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